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our vision

The vision of SAASSAP is to be a vibrant, context driven and world renowned, professional association for Student Affairs.

Our mission

SAASSAP’s mission is to articulate, direct, and actualise holistic student growth, development and success in the South African Higher Education context by influencing policy and mobilising and leveraging stakeholders, resources, knowledge and innovation.

our AIM

SAASSAP aims to ensure the professionalisation of Student Affairs in South Africa and to be the dynamic future facing platform that grows, evolve and involves the sub-sector in the complex and ever-changing landscape of Higher Education.


One of SASSAAP’s major goals is to provide strategic leadership amongst Student Affairs professionals, build capacity and share knowledge for the benefit of students in accordance with national imperatives and global trends


Our Journey

In 2008, under the auspices of the national executive committee (NEC), the Association undertook to reinvent itself in terms of its image, message, strategies and programmes. In the words of the NEC, admittedly this transformation fell short of what was envisaged but there were some definite improvements. A follow up process ensued at the 2012 annual general meeting (AGM) spearheaded by the then Research and Development Officer. One of the key recommendations included in the plan of action was the establishment of a South African Student Affairs Board and the development of a professional qualification for Student Affairs professionals. The Association finds itself in a similar position as it was in 2008, where it needs to reinvent itself so as to be relevant and impactful in the sphere of Student Affairs at institutions of higher learning..

SAASSAP is now emerging as a vibrant, dynamic and viable professional organization with a strong leadership team that is highly motivated and supportive of each other and of its membership. The team strives to increase and strengthen its membership base and participation, and to build a financially viable organization. The team is forging strong partnerships and collaborations with key stakeholders locally, continentally and internationally.

The Association will soon be boasting a happy and involved constituency that is agile and productive in the delivery of the SAASSAP mandate. SAASSAP is working on developing niche areas which include advocacy, research and publication, policy development and influence, and an efficient succession plan. The organization has positioned itself as a thought leader as far as the Student Affairs and Services sub-sector is concerned in South African and internationally.

Student access and success are focal areas of strategic importance. The conceptualisation of student success in higher education is viewed by SAASSAP as comprehensive and holistic, covering both the curricular and co-curricular development aspects, with a view to preparing students to be responsible, creative and active global citizens who are change agitators.


10 to 12 January 2024

Strategic planning session, where key stakeholders collaborated to shape the future direction of our organization.National Executive Committee strategic planning 

30 November to 2 December 2023

The SAASSAP Roundtable & Awards 2023, themed “State of our Democracies, Governance Institutions, Safety and Security, and the need for Collective Wisdom,” is a pivotal event from November 30 to December 2 at the University of the Free State, Bloemfontein. This gathering convenes professionals for insightful discussions, a research writing workshop, and an awards ceremony, addressing critical issues in higher education, fostering collective wisdom, and recognizing excellence in the student affairs sector. Join us for a transformative exploration of the current landscape and future prospects in South African higher education

17 November 2023

Webinar – A riveting session unfolded with Prof Elizabeth Archer and Prof Matete Madiba from the University of the Western Cape, our distinguished speakers. The webinar delved into “Using AI and ChatGPT to Advance Your Scholarship,” providing valuable insights for navigating the world of abstracts and paper writing for the Journal of Student Affairs in Africa.

19 October 2023

An enlightening session unfolded during our exclusive webinar on “Conceptual and Theoretical Frameworks,” led by the esteemed Prof. Max Sefotho. Participants, whether seasoned researchers or just starting out, gained invaluable insights to enhance their abstract submissions.

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